Amazon affiliate website problem

Amazon affiliate failure

Hey guy just wanted to give you and update on creating an Amazon affiliate website and tell you I made a big woopsie of a mistake.

I explained in my previous post about finding a nice product to promote using Amazon. I found one for Power Wheels ride on cars for kids and even bought the domain.



The Problem

The domain name keyword contained a trade mark name, I mentioned this to Amazon and they said they would assess my website based on its first sale so I continued doing my research and creating some killer product reviews for the Power Wheels ride on cars. I even contacted trading standards and various other law companies who said as long as you are not misleading people its fine.

But then after looking through various products I found a lot of the cars listed on Amazon contained the words “power wheels” but weren’t actually Power Wheel cars by Fisher Price. They just mentioned it in the listing because obviously Fisher Price cars are a brand and make top quality cars. The listings were just cheaper alternatives, hoping to get people to buy their products.

The last thing you want to do is sell products that claim to be something they aren’t, for a few reasons:

  1. You want to build trust with your visitors, if they start buying products that aren’t actually what they expected you may get angry customers.
  2. You don’t want to annoy the manufacture of the REAL products.
  3. After looking into trade marking, you may get into trouble if you say you sell, in the example Power Wheels cars, when in fact they aren’t the genuine Power Wheels cars.

The majority of Power Wheels cars are great products but not many of them come with remote controls – and as my keyword was “remote control power wheels” you can see the issue here.

So people are looking for a certain brand of car that also use remote controls.

There are far too many products that are similar but not the real thing, so be careful when choosing your products to promote.

Try not to use trade marks in your actual domain name unless it’s a folder within the domain name. For example

Also avoid complicated products that may claim to be a certain brand when they are not. The last thing you want to do is confuse your potential customers by giving a great review of an item that may not be what it says on the tin.

Anyway just a quick update and word of caution when it comes to choosing your domain name and niche on Amazon. If in doubt always ask and double, double and even double check. And always check that if you use your keyword in your URL make sure it doesn’t contain a trade mark name.

I am glad I didn’t build the website before checking into all this, I would have wasted even more time. Phewww!

I think I shall just learn from this and move onwards and upwards

I hope the post has been of some help and I look forward to any comments you have…

Just leave your comments in the box below.

Thanks for reading and speak to you again soon

Rick :)

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